Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge Review – Relaxation At Its Best

My husband and I were over the moon to be contacted by Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge and offered a night away with dinner and breakfast included. It was a momentous occasion for two reasons – I have so wanted to establish myself not only as a mommy blogger, but also as a travel blogger. The second reason why we were so happy is that we had planned to go away the first Saturday of the Easter school holidays as a couple without kids, but life got in the way and before we knew it the time had come and we hadn’t arranged anything and our finances were not looking great for a weekend away.

We have two children. A 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. Since our children have been born we have been away as a couple without children twice (each for one night) and that was in between my daughter and my son being born. We, as a couple, needed this night away. My parents collected our children on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning my husband and I slept late and then got ourselves ready and packed in peace and quiet. Might I add that there is usually very little in the way of peace and quiet in our house?

The drive was great, we got to actually have a conversation. It took us close to 3 hours to drive from Saldanha to Wildekrans Wine Estate in Botrivier.

The entrance to Wildekrans is stunning, I love it when there is a long road with trees overhanging. The scene was set for romance and the ambiance was so perfect.

We headed to reception to find out where we were staying and when I gave my name Miche said “You are the VIP guest” so I had to give my husband the look to let him know I am almost a celebrity. Talk about making me feel super important.

The welcome was so warm and soon after settling us in our cottage she brought over a stunning fruit platter and showed us the complimentary sparkling wine in the fridge.

Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge Review

The Cottage At Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge

Our cottage was spotlessly clean and the decor was very tasteful, making for a very comfortable stay. Each building has two cottages side by side, and with a total of 4 buildings there are 8 cottages. The set up is perfect if you have two family groups. I could picture my parents coming with us one day and taking a cottage next door and my kids running in between the two cottages.

The cottage has two bedrooms – one with a double bed and the other with two single beds. The kitchen is fully equipped for self catering with a fridge, microwave, oven, hob, toaster, kettle and all the crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils you may need.

The living area is open plan with comfortable sofas and a TV with DSTV and a DVD player. There is also wifi available.

The bathroom has a bath and a shower, with a separate toilet.

An undercover stoep with a table and chairs, plus a braai finishes off everything you could need.

The stoep overlooks the vineyards – it is completely quiet and peaceful. The only sound was the wind rustling through the vineyards. My husband and I spent the first few hours of our stay relaxing on the stoep and enjoying the serenity.

My husband cracked open the complimentary bottle of Brut Rose sparkling wine and was very impressed with it. He said it was completely delightful from the taste to the colour and the bubbles. After he had finished the entire bottle he called the bubbles gleeful. And yes he was a bit tipsy after that…

Since I am an alcoholic in recovery my husband was in charge of sampling all the alcohol.

Forage Restaurant

Forage Restaurant

Dinner was served in the fine dining Forage Restaurant and everything was amazing from start to finish. I loved the decor and the beautiful chandeliers.

Our waitress, Nazley, was so friendly and gave us great service, explaining all the interesting dishes to us in great detail. All the dishes at Forage are made from locally sourced produce from farmers within a 100 km radius.

The evening started with a bread service of Ash Bread with cream cheese inside served with homemade butter mixed with kapokbos along with the farm’s own olive oil and some balsamic vinegar.

This was followed by AmuseBouce – pineapple, chorizo and salami with herb oil.

For our main meal my husband and I both ordered the Botrivier Lamb Rack which was served with white bean cassoulet braised peal onion, green pea and proscuitto. It was divine and beautifully presented.

The dessert we had was called Give Bees A Chance – orange blossom pannacotta, honeycomb bee pollen and raspberry sorbet.

My husband drank Wildekrans Pinotage which he raved about.


Wildekrans offers accommodation at Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge, as well as conference facilities that seat from 10 to 100 people. Larger groups of people are accommodated with Marqees and Bedouin tents making it the perfect venue for weddings and other events.

Wildekrans is a popular venue for team building with its beautiful lawns, volleyball, swimming pool and hiking trails.

The Wildekrans Cellar offers wine tours and wine tasting.

My Final Verdict For Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge

Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge is the ultimate place for a romantic getaway. It is definitely a place that my husband and I would love to return to and spend more time relaxing. Our visit was spectacular from start to finish.

In a world that is so fast paced and where technology takes over it is so important to get away from it all. If you are planning a getaway I highly recommend you add Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge to your list of travel destinations.

This review was originally published on Kaboutjie.

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  1. Kinggold19 says:

    I am already picturing to see me and my family there to check out the cottage, restaurant, and much facilities available there. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  2. ajibola40 says:

    Thanks for writing this review on endless vineyards boutique lodge.Ii must say it really a place to be for a romantic moment with a lover.

  3. Etah says:

    wow, this sounds like an awesome place to escape the busy day to day. God knows I need one. The sound of the wind and the calm sounds amazing. When I decide to visit, I am definitely leaving my phone and any other potential distractions behind.

    I love your review of Endless Vineyards boutique lodge, it was a good read, thanks

    1. Lynne says:

      yes Etah, this is most definitely a place to leave your mobile phone in your bag. I only used my phone for taking pictures and other than that I left it alone. The peace and quiet was perfect. 

  4. Gracen says:

    Hello, your review on Endless Vineyard is great. As a mom of three active kids, I can relate very well to you wanting to have a weekend getaway. Oftentimes we crave for peace and quietness around us in order to get ourselves  into shape. Believe me having kids is great, but handling them can be quite a handful.

    I am loving the Endless Vineyards lodge already. The cottage got me tripping and you did a great job giving the descriptive analysis of the place.

    Congratulations to you guys for having such a nice time, I will put the Endless Vineyards into consideration when next we plan on getaway.

    1. Lynne Huysamen says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed my review Gracen 🙂 I’ve definitely got some amazing memories to hold on to from this trip. And you are so spot on – having time off from being a parent is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to get away for another romantic weekend with my hubby again. 

  5. Vapz says:

    Serving prosciutto and pannacotto, must have been a very wonderful tasty meal. I’ve never stayed in a vineyard cottage lodge and the Endless Vineyard Boutique Lodge looks like a really nice place to start my first vineyard lodging adventure. Having a beach not so far away would be the icing on the cake, is there a beach up to an hour away?? I love wine,so I want to arrive during one of their wine tasting events. Best of both worlds.

    1. Lynne says:

      The closest beach I believe would be Hermanus – maybe a half hour drive away. Hermanus is a lovely town, I have been there before for the Whale Festival during the whale season and it was amazing! The southern right whales go there to mate and to calve. It is beautiful. 

  6. Topazdude says:

    Wow, what a fascinating pictures!
    Light and shadow are like a mysterious world, only if ones mind is opened to behold the beauty. I was touch by your story on your trip to Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge, as couple enjoying the real marital life. You also inspire me on the need to be a travel blogger with great awesome experience of yours, which is a great testimony. I had not visit the place before but your post really spice up my desire to have a taste of such an amazing itinerary. Great! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Adamuts says:

    wow….. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.Endless vineyard boutique lodge would be full of fun as in read in this article. I would also make it a plan to visit with my partner during our next vacation. Thanks for taking your time to inform us about this. Best regards

    1. Lynne says:

      It is the perfect place for a couple’s vacation Adamuts!

  8. Kenechi says:

    When I first saw the word ‘Boutique” in the title of the Review,  I was already thinking it is related to Fashion/wears. However I was pleased to realize that Vineyards Boutique Lodge is an ultimate place for Romantic Getaway and relaxation. I will love to visit there and have a taste of their dishes which were made from locally sourced farm products. It feels good to eat something natural in such a place and natural foods are more healthy. I really enjoyed the review. 

    1. Lynne says:

      Yes does remind of fashion doesn’t it? Boutique in this case means that the wine is made from start to finish on the farm, including the bottling and labeling!

  9. Snap Brisk says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog post! 

    I understand you so much, as a mother of 2, a 6-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy we also don’t have much opportunity to be together without kids. 

    Looks like you both enjoyed well, the place is just amazing. Those vineyards remind me of Switzerland. We are living just 20 min. away from a little vineyard. I am always going there for a walk to get some fresh mind and some energy 🙂 Need to plan some little trip for me and my husband as well…

    Have a beautiful day!

    1. Lynne says:

      I can just imagine how busy you are with two, especially since your youngest is still so small. I am loving the age my kids are at now. They are old enough to stay with my parents for a few days to give my husband and I a break which is wonderful. 

      I was in Switzerland in 1996 – it is a beautiful country, you are very blessed. 

  10. Seun Afotanju says:

    Thanks for making an amazing review on the endless vineyard boutique lodge, from what i have read in this post and stories I have  heard, it does look like an excellent location with great wines and also with an amazing view. All I can say is I’m tripping and I’m definitely going to visit with my family. 

    1. Lynne says:

      Honestly Seun I couldn’t sample the wines… I’ve had too much wine in my lifetime since I am an alcoholic in recovery for 10 years now. My husband is not much of a drinker but his duty was to sample some of the wine and he loved it! 

      We went without kids, but I could imagine my kids having a lovely time there – there is so much space for them to run around and there were some donkeys for them to visit too! I saw them in a paddock below the restaurant, so cute. 

  11. jaykaynigltd says:

    I am happy for you to have gotten such an amazing getaway with your hubby. Endless Vineyards Boutique Lodge do look romantic for a getaway with one’s spouse. It is a place that I would love to visit with my wife to unwind and relax. From your video this place looks away from the hustling and bustling of a typical city. I love natural environment and I think this is one of such places where you meet nature! I love your review and love your video more simple but real!
    Thanks for sharing. Though I am jealous!

    1. Lynne says:

      Hi Jay

      Yeah I wanted to keep the video simple, I said everything in my written review but I needed to show more pictures that I took so I thought a slideshow in the video would be better than me yacking away. The pictures speak for themselves! 

      Thanks for visiting my new website and sharing your thoughts. I do recommend you take your wife there – imagine how she would love it there for an anniversary or other special occasion? 

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