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Elf On The Shelf Review 2019 – An Arctic Fox and Claus Couture Collection

Last year my kids and I started with the Elf On The Shelf for the first time and it took our household by storm. I was blown away by how much my kids got so into it and so quickly. I did a full Elf On The Shelf review on my Parenting website which you can read here.

This year my kids started asking me about their elf in September. They wanted to know when he would be coming back, if he will remember them and where our house is, will he be bringing any more pets with him and will he come specially for their birthdays too?

My daughter was over the moon when the Elf made it all the way from the North Pole to make her birthday in October extra special.

When we were contacted to see if we would like to be gifted An Arctic Fox box set and Claus Couture I jumped at the chance. I loved doing our last Elf On The Shelf review and I know this time would be just as much fun.

When I told my kids they screamed with excitement and when the delivery arrived they wouldn’t even wait to get it inside before they opened it! You can watch them opening the box in my Instagram Elf On The Shelf story highlights.

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Elf On The Shelf Review 2019 - An Arctic Fox Tradition & Claus Couture Collection

What Is Elf On The Shelf, An Artic Fox and Claus Couture?

The Elf On The Shelf

The Elf On The Shelf is a fantastic Christmas tradition whereby you adopt your elf from the North Pole and give him a name. He becomes a part of your family.

He sits in your home and watches over everyone. Every night he flies home to Santa to report and then comes back by morning and he settles himself in a new spot for the day.

It is very important not to touch your elf as he can then lose his magic and you will need to write Santa a letter saying you are sorry so that Santa can help him get his magic back so he can fly again.

Santa’s scout elves are notorious for being a little mischievous and will often be in a fun place getting up to something. Our elf is quite fond of food and will often bring my kids marshmallows, chocolate coins or other tasty things to eat.

If my children are a little bit naughty and leave their room in a mess our elf leaves a letter for them reminding them to clean up… and it works like a charm!

The Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition includes a storybook and your scout elf.


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An Arctic Fox Tradition

Santa needs the magical Northern Lights to fly through the air without being seen on Christmas Eve and to make it to all the houses in the world in one short evening. It is the magic of the Arctic Fox Noorah and her cubs that makes this possible.

Santa sends Noorah’s fox cubs out to children to spread hope and so that children can help keep the magic alive.

Each cub has a magical snow globe that has glow-in-the-dark snow in it. Once an arctic fox cub has been adopted it needs to be named and children shake the magic snow globe to let Santa know they believe in Christmas and hope.

The Arctic Fox Tradition includes a story book and an arctic fox cub. 

Claus Couture Collection

The Claus Couture Collection is a line of clothing designed by Mrs Claus for the Scout Elves and accessories for Elf Pets. These items are available to show off your elf’s unique personality and to give as a gift to your elf.

Leave it next to your elf at night so your elf can put it on before flying to Santa.

Have a look at the range of Claud Couture Collection here.


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My kids are over the moon to receive An Artic Fox box set and clothing for their Elf from the Claus Couture Collection – check my stories to see how my kids could not even wait to bring the delivery inside to open it! They were so impressed when the following day their Elf was cuddled in bed with their Artic Fox (who they name Fluffy) and their Elf was wearing his new clothing! Check my IG post from 01 November to enter the Elf On The Shelf giveaway to win 1 x Elf, 1 x Artic Fox and 1 x Letter To Santa valued at over R900 – it is open until 29 November Keep your eyes open for my review on the Elf On The Shelf, The Arctic Fox and Claus Couture that will be published this weekend! #collab #elfontheshelf #elfpets #elfontheshelfza #christmas #christmastraditions #christmas2019 #sablogger #influencer #arcticfox #clauscouturecollection #ladybloggers1111 @elfontheshelf @toykingdomsouthafrica @hamleys_south_africa @toysrus_za @takealotcom

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Elf On The Shelf Review – My Verdict

I’m a huge fan of Elf On The Shelf and so are my kids. It makes Christmas so much more exciting and magical for my children.

Every morning they jump out of bed and the hunt it is on. They race around the house to find his new position and squeal with excitement when they find him. If he has brought them something nice to nibble on or brought them a note all the better.

We received the Donut Be Naughty PJ’s which I found really cute and my kids love. It is high quality and I can see how easily the elf will be able to put it on with openings that have velcro fastenings. It is beautifully designed.

I overheard my kids having a long discussion about whether their elf (Zord) will like his new PJ’s, how he will manage to put them on and where they should leave them so he can find them. They were overjoyed when they found him all kitted out the next morning in his new outfit.

Their Arctic Fox pup is loved dearly, with them taking turns sleeping with him. He was very quickly named Fluffy due to his soft fur and cuddly nature. They were delighted with the magical snow globe which glows in the dark.

When I read the story book An Arctic Fox Tradition to them they listened carefully and asked questions about the Northern Lights, the snow globe and how all the magic works.

I highly recommend you adopt a Scout Elf and see the daily delight this will bring your children leading up to Christmas each year.

The Elf On The Shelf is available at Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Toyzone, Toys r Us and Takealot.

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  1. How adorable! I had seen these Elf on the Shelf photographs before, but no one really mentioned the story behind it. It’s such a delightful tradition, though, and I can see why your kids were so excited! It’s a little bit magical, isn’t it, to have Santa’s Elf to look after! 😉

    1. Lynne Huysamen says:

      That’s all I knew last year before starting with Elf On The Shelf and I wish I had paid more attention because my kids missed out, I would have loved to start this when they were much younger.

  2. I had never heard of the Arctic Fox Tradition before but think it is a great way for kids to really show Santa they believe. I love seeing all the posts from people showing all the things their elf does while they are all sleeping! I think it’s great the elves have clothes now so they aren’t stuck wearing the same thing every day – how boring would that be?

    1. Lynne Huysamen says:

      He is lovely – such a long tail too. My son is always wrapping it around his face when he sleeps haha.

  3. These are so cute and I simply love the idea of Elf on the Shelf! Even though I don’t have kids, I love seeing what parents do with them each day. I’m especially excited for the addition of the Arctic Fox and to see how it’s adds to the fun!

  4. Love this wonderful Christmas tradition where you adopt the elf from the North Pole and give him a name and he becomes a part of your family. I like how he is watching 😀

    1. Lynne Huysamen says:

      Haha yes he is always watching and reporting. It keeps them in line during the Christmas holidays!

  5. These are such cute Christmas traditions. This is the first time I am reading about it. The elf looks so adorable and a bit mischievous too. I can understand how your kids must be so excited about the Elf and fluffy.

    1. Lynne Huysamen says:

      Oh yes he has a naughty side too, he loves to have fun!

  6. David ben says:

    Hello there. Nice article I have heard alot about the elves.It’s such a delightful tradition, though, and I can see why your kids were so excited.in my own opinion I think it’s great the elves have clothes now so they aren’t stuck wearing the same thing every time.thanks to putting out this article it was really interesting to know more about the elf’s

  7. Joy gateru says:

    Great Christmas traditions, having in mind that Christmas is around the corner am trying to relate the fun your children must have been through during that birthday party that you invited, personally I have never heard about this traditions but after reading your article I tend to believe that it must have been great moments, more also, I believe that you guys are missing such moment greatly.i will have to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this article.

    Thabk you.

  8. Steven says:

    Never heard of the elf on the shelf until it appeared in my house one day. My boys were both under 10 and they were very intrigued about it. Once I explained all of the things about it, the elf seemed to have the power to make them do anything! It was a great treat for a season and the boys still look forward to it every year!

    1. Lynne Huysamen says:

      Yes this Elf sure does have super powers Steven! 

  9. Benson says:

    Hello Lynne, with xmas lurking there have been a series of activities going around in my house and my kids are not taking the back seat in making the house boom and filled with fun items. I have never heard the story of the elf and how it can be. This sound like so much much and I will love to read this post to my kids so they can know what an elf on the shelf is so when i get one they will understand what is behind it. Cheers.

  10. PeterMinea says:

    Hello Lynne!

    Thanks for sharing with us this info about elves on the shelves! The one in the picture looks pretty nice, and I am sure your children really loved their elf and took care of it!

    Where I live Christmas is celebrated without the Elf on the Shelf, but I remember that when I was little I had a lot of imagination, and in my opinion it wouldn’t have been hard for me to think of the Elf as of a real person if I had been given one. And I was not good at keeping my toys for much time.

    So the next month your children will be enjoying Santa’s scout elf again – there’s not a very long time left!

    Best regards and prepare for a Merry Christmas!


    1. Lynne Huysamen says:

      Elf return week starts on Sunday this week! So there is great excitement all over the world already for Christmas with children waiting for their elves to arrive. We start a little early each year, you know as influencers we got to be ahead of the pack to spread the word.

  11. drinkteahub says:

    This is such a lovely idea, and not one I had come across before. I can imagine just how excited small children (or grown-up children, or adults) would get at the Elf coming back to sit on the shelf each year in preparation for Christmas. The Artic Fox puppy is gorgeous too and this whole package would make a lovely Christmas gift.

  12. Nelson says:

    Nice article, this an interesting Christmas tradition straight for the north pole,although this is the first time I am reading about it.Now I understand why kids are so excited about the Elf and fluffy and I also enjoy the part that the elf’s get to have new clothes and not wearing the same one all the time

  13. Andrew says:

    Hi, this is a great article, I am always looking for things to make Christmas more fun for my kids.

    My kids love Elf on the Shelf too and it is so much fun every year searching for him.  I had not heard of the arctic fox tradition before, I think we will be adding that to our Christmas fun this year!

    1. Lynne Huysamen says:

      Oh you must Andrew – and last year we got the St Bernard and Letters To Santa – both are amazing. We still have some Letters To Santa left for this year and it is a beautiful and magical activity to do with the kids. You get special paper and pens in the set to write your letter and then you bake them using Mrs Claus’s magic press and they shrink tiny into ornaments for your Christmas tree. I decided this year I am not going to be an adult, I am joining in totally with that. 

  14. Nate Stone says:

    Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for providing this Elf On The Shelf Review. I must admit being English I never quite got the concept behind this; but reading you article I now understand why children love these and how you with a bit of imagination make it a great “gift” for your kids.

    The An Artic Fox and Claus Couture sound like interesting additions, I think my 4 year old would love this! Do you know if it easy to get these delivered to the UK?

    1. Lynne Huysamen says:

      Yes for sure Nate, as I understand it Elf On The Shelf is worldwide – here is the link to Elf On The Shelf UK and for anyone in the US they can also get it from Amazon.  

  15. Hi Lynne. The elf on the shelve is so incredibly popular and I understand why? I would love to get my daughter one bit only when she’s older and she understands the concept of it. I can’t wait for those exciting days!

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